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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Howdy all!

While I enjoyed watching Enterprise and was sad to see it end, a few things about it bugged me.

+ What would it have been like if Berman/Braga had had nothing to do with the show?

+ Time travel was used way too much in my opinion. I know the whole "temporal cold war" was a big plot point, but that itself is a flaw I think. Time travel should be used sparingly in sci-fi (unless it's the entire basis of the shows I suppose). By using it to get out of otherwise tough situations and "fix" previous problems introduces way too much Deus ex machina. As an example, I thought the TNG finale used timetravel pretty well. The episodes were based around time travel, but it wasn't used to fix problems or advance the plot. It was more like the plot was advanced by the characters (Picard and Q) and timetravel was along for the ride.

+ The finale. Enough said.

Anyway, don't mean to nitpick. Does anyone else think anything about those things?
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