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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

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I don't see how.
Note to self: Each time a neutrino passes me by, there's a miracle in the room and it defies God.
Or flip it around: every time God passes by you, the neutrino count in the room increases by 30%.

Theoretical physicists have become so enamored by the possibilities of dark matter that derivative theories about what it could be and what it could DO extend far beyond any logical connection to the data that suggests its existence, so much so that scientific institutions are beginning to make blanket factual statements with an extremely tenuous connection to what has actually been scientifically established, as if their confidence in the truth of the original assumption is sufficient to declare it as a fact. It is also something they have begun to do with, for example, supermassive holes, the existence of which were never ACTUALLY confirmed, despite astronomers' self-assurance that it had. Then, as now, an unbroken chain of "Based on this data, it's very possible there's a supermassive black hole there" evolved into "there's a black hole there" without alternate possibilities ever having been tested or ruled out. They took their favorite theory and ran with it simply because nobody managed to prove them wrong.

It is in that specific sense that cosmology and theology have begun to grow more and more similar: theories are assumed to be correct based less on corroborating data than on a lack of contradictory data.
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