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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Can't believe I'm the first one in here after tonight's episode. Oh well, initial thoughts:

"Sterling Cooper & Partners"? I dunno... Maybe it will grow on me.

Another "Don stoned/drunk/delirious" scene. They're getting kind of tiresome.

Jessica Pare makes a very cute hippie chick.

I sympathize with Joan. I'm sure she would like to elevate her reputation within the agency to someone whose contributions to the business are more than just sticking her legs in the air. And I think she's right that she'll have to do it herself; none of the partners (with the possible exception of Burt Cooper) seem interested in helping her.

That said, I liked seeing Peggy "remind" Joan of all the crap she gave Peggy back in the day.

Gleason's turning out to be a real a**hole. It might be fun watching Harry Hamlin play a real a**hole.
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