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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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The holodeck was somewhat gratuitous, to bridge the TOS era to TNG...
Except the holodeck was actually introduced in TAS' "The Practical Joker."
Right. I think the poster's point was not that the holodeck concept was anachronistic, having been introduced in "The Practical Joker" (and in the book The Making of Star Trek years before that, for that matter). I think the point was that the completely plausible holodeck technology and scene with Paladin from "have Gun, Will Travel" didn't really have any dramatic purpose in the story. It's not like they ended up giving Apollo a holographic home or something. I think people might have been waiting for Checkov's Gun to pay off. It never really did. I guess it was just an appetizer that was unrelated to the main course. (I guess people can decide if that spoils the meal for them or not.)
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