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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

I have been more or less ignorant of them, though come to think of it, I saw the shuttle-in-garage William Windom one at a small convention in Marquette, MI. And re. my earlier Sulu comment I was replying to the recommendation to watch "World Enough."

To anyone connected with these -- I understand the tacit understanding w/ CBS is "no revenue." But I think you accept donations to the production company? They are ok with that, apparently? Still just curious, and feel free not to answer if it's to your benefit not to.

My earlier expressed interest in rights comes from writing a book about a famous figure, Louis Armstrong. I had to explore the concept of publicity rights, plus I was quoting primary sources found in secondary sources, which I had always done in academic writing. But now this one was for money (supposedly) . So I had to explore the whole gray mess that is fair use. Just read of a case involving EA and the likeness of college football players in their video games. Athletes are on one side and speech advocates on the other.

Rambling now. Time to go watch. Be well, imaginary friends.
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