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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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Well, in point of fact, CBS was very involved in the production of the book - the manuscript had to be approved chapter by chapter by the head of licensing of CBS inc.
Not disagreeing with you, but CBS didn't "do the book", as the OP (Enterpriserules) insisted. CBS licensed it out to becker&mayer and 47North. It is no more "legitimate" than books put out by Ballantine, Corgi, Bantam, Pocket/Gallery, Abrams Publishing or Running Press, or any other licensed Star Trek tie-in.

Enterpriserules said: "I'm not sure why CBS would do the book if it did not have some legitimacy in canon..."
This seems like a lot of hair-splitting. My point is, that CBS was as involved as Becker/Mayer was in making this book. The expression "do the book" implied to me a creative involvement, not just a production involvement - CBS didn't just sign over the rights and say do whatever you want. Christopher is right as well that CBS is involved with all their products that they've licensed. So when Therin says CBS didn't "Do the book" that is maybe technically accurate from a production point of view but in fact not the reality of the situation. It was the head of licensing for CBS consumer products that said he considered my book canon, but my feeling is, canon is what is filmed, and when we write books or other stories while we're trying to make our work fit into canon, we have to be prepared for months of our sweat to be supplanted by one line of dialogue written by Kurtzman and Orci.
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