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I'm looking forward to it as well! I was going to start a thread but I did so in the past and it wasn't very successful, so I'm glad you did. One slight correction, the season actually starts on June 26th.

The rumor is that this cast will be all new, no returning players, which hasn't happened in a while so it should be fun.

Other news is that CBS will now be controlling the live feeds instead of Superpass, and Big Brother After Dark will no longer be airing on Showtime. It will now be on TVGN, which is the TV Guide channel, and will be two hours instead of three. For us west coast folks, it will be delayed by three hours (I used to be able to watch the east coast feed of Showtime 2 from 9 pm to midnight). Unfortunately I don't get that channel on AT&T Uverse.
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