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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

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I really don't have an unofficial continuity in my head. Partly because official Trek was/is so often contradictory. But watching this felt like episode 80, if that tells ya anything. Now I gotta check out Phase II. Anyone recommend the best ep of theirs to start with?
You could watch them in order (see below). But if you start with our not-too-good early ones, you might become disinclined to watch later, better ones. If you start with the better ones, you'll become disappointed if you hope for the same quality when you watch earlier ones.

I think there's consensus that "World Enough and Time" with George Takei as Sulu has the broadest appeal--sort of like Star Trek IV with the whales. I guess I'd start with that one. And then the episode written by David ("The Trouble With Tribbles") Gerrold, that he originally wrote as a never-actually-got-made Next Generation episode: "Blood and Fire."

Episode 0 (Pilot Episode): "Come What May"
Release: January 16, 2004
Running Time: 39:45

Episode 1: "In Harm's Way"
Release: October 8, 2004
Running Time: 57:29

Vignette 1: "Center Seat"
Release: March 17, 2006
Running Time: 5:46

Episode 2: "To Serve All My Days"
Release: November 23, 2006
Running Time: 59:59

Episode 3:"World Enough and Time"
Release: August 23, 2007
Running Time: 64:26

Episode 4: "Blood and Fire, Part One"
Release: December 20, 2008
Running Time: 43:47

Episode 5: "Blood and Fire, Part Two"
Release: November 20, 2009
Running Time: 54:54

Episode 6: "Enemy: Starfleet!" (working title was "Enemy Starfleet")
Release: April 16, 2011
Running Time: 58:06

Vignette 2: "No Win Scenario"
Release: October 8, 2011
Running Time: 8:59

Episode 7: "The Child"
Release: 4/2012
Running Time: TBD
I think I've seen all these over the years. The quality has definitely improved.

Funny, JC's acting improved so much I actually got used to seeing him as Kirk. John Kelley is no De Kelley, but he does a good job and I like his performance.

I didn't get Jeff Quinn's Spock at first, but I missed him when he was gone.

The rest of the cast has been decent, but as said above the kid playing young Chekov in "Days" was really good. I believed his performance.

Some of the stories haven't been so good, but some have bordered on great. "Time" and "Days" are very good and deserve the praise they've received.

Overall I enjoy NV/P2 and look forward to more.
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