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Re: Revisiting Arrested Development

I'm not sure if I should post in here or in the other Arrested Development thread since I'm deep in Season 4, but I just watched Lindsey's second episode and I'm really liking this season. Is it as funny as the previous seasons? Not really, but I'm liking the format more than anything else. It's one story, but from each character's point of view and watching it quickly, it's easy to allow the gaps to be filled from prior episodes. For example, in Michael's second episode, we get a talk with him and his father about being in the movie, but the writers have been so meticulous about what dialoge to add. In the next episodes, it's almost like watching deleted scenes from that one scene and I'm finding this kind of clever actually. I can understand why people are saying it might be good to rewatch it after you finish the season and get more. Not sure when I will (I kind of want to go back to watching TNG Remastered, Season 3, soon) but I think I might do that. From what I understand it seems like this story goes from a few weeks before Lucille's trial, to a day or so after the Quatro de Mayo celebration.

As for the episodes themselves, the Gob episode was the best, but I also liked the Lindsey and Tobias episodes. Tighr, you're right that the George Sr. episodes were the weakest but there were positive points to them. I'm even starting to warm up to Michael, who after the shock of the first episode, seems to be going back to his roots. He might have always been this way, but what I didn't like was Michael living with his son in the dorm and really getting personal. That was so awkward.

Also, if there is one thing I am not liking about this season it's that Maeby is getting barely any screen time. The episode I just watched might have been the most she has gotten so far and man did Sawkat (?) age gracefully. She looks great now and I'm really looking forward to the long awaited Maeby episode.
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