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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

My name is Drew. I am 28 years old (tomorrow, Nov 27) and I have been a trek fan since i was 6 or so back in the early eighties. I've watched all modern trek and movies 4-10 in first run.

I recently purchased/burned all 28 seasons and i am watching them in order (as close as I can get them too being in order) with my non-trekkie wife who will probably be a trekkie by the time this is all done.

My favourites rank DS9/ENT/TOS/TNG/VOY although my favourite character of all Trek is Trip. Who's isn't Trip?

This was the forum i visited most regularly when enterprise was still on the air (which is when i first started visiting), however now i visit it as regularly as i visit the other 4 shows forum's.

We're on Enterprise season 4 in a viewing project (watching 28 seasons of star trek in a row is a project)

I'm also a game master in a star trek RPG with my friends in which our group almost stole the NX-02 a few weeks ago, but i guess they dpon't have big ambitions since they only got away with a shuttlepod
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