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Re: What's Up with the Warp Core (SPOILERS Into Darkness)

I don't mind the blinkies so much. My new landline phone handsets have LEDs that show they're charging and that blink when there's a message on the answering machine, and the buttons light up when you touch them so you can see them in the dark. And the LED in my monitor's power-on switch is so blindingly bright that I need to keep a small Post-It note stuck over it at all times.

What bugs me are the technologies that make no practical sense but are used only for the sake of being futuristic. Like using forcefields as prison doors, radiation shields, or (in TAS) spacesuits. Where's the sense in a safety system whose default failure mode is vanishing altogether? I don't care how futuristic a forcefield looks, a prison cell should have a door, something that won't just vanish if the power goes out. I also remember a scene in a Trek novel where an alien city street had streetlamps that levitated on pressor beams. Why is that better than just putting them on poles? Why waste the power just to be self-consciously future-y?
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