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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hi everyone. I have lurked here now for some time now. I hail from Texas and currently reside in Virginia. TOS and Neil Armstrong landing on the moon are among my early TV memories, and I am sorry to say I have memories of both when they were originally aired. I love both TOS and TNG, although VOY and DS9 never caught my fancy. My first and second episodes of ENT were “Fight or Flight” and “Marauders”, but it wasn’t until “The Expanse” that I got hooked. I managed to get my husband to religiously watch ENT by midway in the third season, and he will rarely watch anything with commercials.

I love Scott Bakula’s portrayal of Captain Archer in the third season, and he nearly broke my heart in Similitude. My favorite characters are Trip because he loves the Enterprise the way Scotty did in TOS, and Phlox because he portrays a nearly perfect physician.

I rarely talk about Trek to anyone, and I am heartbroken that ENT ended so soon, but I am glad that that you all are here to share your love (and even distaste sometimes) of ENT.
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