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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

I read most of the "treatment" before I got lost.

I'll tell you up front: I don't know a damn thing about selling a series, or writing a script, or dealing with tv executives, but I do know what I like to watch. I don't think this is it.

What I read, in my ignorance, was way too long and much too repetitive. I don't care who you want to bring in later or how you're going to reconcile timelines. If I were being pitched, I'd want something that grabs my attention and knocks my socks off. Or at least makes me pull my socks back up. If the pitch, or "treatment" held my interest enough to pursue it, I want to know what happens in the first 13. Anything after that is up in the air--in other words, a waste of effort.

If your treatment sells, they will hire or assign a group of writers. Don't count on being one of them, much less being the showrunner. When you sell your idea, you lose control over it unless you have some real leverage. From what I've read in this thread, you don't.

The experience I have in entertainment is a whole 'nother area, and I know for sure that you don't put your ideas out there unless you own the copyright and can prove it. Pitching to industry execs is dicey at best. They want to see what you've done before. They want to know that if they put their money on you that you can deliver the goods. They for damn sure won't give you the keys to the house unless they know you won't run off with the good china.

As Joe Q. Viewer, the premise strikes me as weird. Star Trek as a half hour "workplace comedy" doesn't do it for me. I'd try to watch the pilot, but if it didn't knock it out of the park by the first break I'd be on to something else.

Something else ... if you want the movie cast, even for cameos, you'd better have one hell of a budget. These kids are movie stars now and they won't do a show for TV money. Just hide and watch.

Another thing: I wouldn't brag about my experience as a lobbyist. The general public has a less than favorable view of lobbyists in general, and certain ones in particular.

I'm sorry if you don't like what you're reading here, but if you want to make it in entertainment you'd better toughen up now. There's a ton of rejection in your future. That's not a dig, it's a fact of life. Show biz execs don't care who you know or how good you think you are. They're in it for the bottom line.

Show biz is hard. You have to be confident, as you obviously are, but you also have to expect to have that confidence crushed on a daily basis.
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