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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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ANYWAY, I'd be cool with a female Doctor...if just to see the part of the fanbase that includes people like DalekJim and all the others that just can't STAND the idea of a female Doctor go ballistic. All those people who swear LOUDLY that they will "NEVER WATCH DOCTOR WHO AGAIN IF THE DOCTOR BECOMES FEMALE!!!" - good riddance to 'em!
What are you talking about? Doctor Who is my favourite show and I have at no point threatened to quit watching.
You haven't - but a lot of people have, every time the issue of a female Doctor comes up.

Frankly, I don't think that we will get a female Doctor, it's too "controversial"...but really, I think it's mostly male fans who have never dated or had a real relationship with a woman that have issues with the idea of a female Doctor.

I'm a male, I like being a male, I've even consider myself a member of "the men's movement", and I do agree that the sometimes - many times - the media and a fringe branch of feminism demonize men. But I've kinda gotten away with identifying with the men's movement and the "men's rights movement", not because I don't believe in it anymore (far from it) but because it's been taken over by a bunch of ranting, immature, butthurt men who think that anytime a women makes any progress in society breaking through the glass ceiling it's somehow an assault on their masculinity. And they rant on about how ALL feminists are "feminazi" man-haters out to denigrate all of manhood, yadda-yadda. You may not be a member of the men's movement or the men's right's movement - but your ranting sounds very familiar...

Let me ask, do you date much?
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