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Re: Your Ultimate Ship and Crew

Ship: USS Hyperion, Ingram variant of the Excelsior class


Flag Officer: Commodore Christopher Pike
Commanding Officer: Captain James T. Kirk
Executive Officer: Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
Second Officer: Commander Charles Tucker III
Chief of Navigation: Lieutenant Commander Saavik
Chief Helm Officer: Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu
Chief of Communication: Lieutenant Commander Nyota Uhura
Chief of Security: Lieutenant Commander Giotto
Chief Ordinance Officer: Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Chief Intelligence Officer: Lieutenant Pavel A. Chekov
Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander Spock
Assistant Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander T'Pol
Chief Medical Officer: Commander Phillip Boyce, MD
Senior Ship's Surgeon: Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy, MD
Senior Xeno-medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Phlox, MD
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott
Transporter Chief: Lieutenant Miles O'Brien
Diplomatic Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jean-Luc Picard
Designated Ship's Idiot: Crewman 9th Class Jonathan Archer
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