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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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Hm, I dunno, maybe I'm spoiled because of the high quality of the first Continues episode and even the earlier Phase II efforts, but this first act didn't quite work for me, personally. The dialog-heavy scenes in the transporter room and during the dining seem much too long and ridden with clumsy exposition. Also, Ksia's costume looks really ill-fitting and especially his dialog seemed too quiet and not really well edited.

Here's hoping some of this will be fixed in a tighter edit.
Totally agree with the sentiment that the scenes are too talky. Saw the unofficial release of this episode and the dialogue is clunky throughout, and the scenes are filled with much more "telling" and less emphasis on actually "showing." Every scene with Ksia feels like an infodump of backstory and they are painful to watch.

However, not only are the scenes overly talky, but they are overwritten and the dialogue isn't interesting or how people actually talk.

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