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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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Why do they always mention female doctors. If he has been regenerating 11 times as a male. I don't think he is going to all the sudden change his mind. Then again who knows.

I was saving this up for a massive rant on my blog but I'll vent here as I've seen it suggested everywhere today.

I'd fucking hate a female Doctor. New Who has routinely shown women live life as consequence-free bitches that treat men like total shit, while the guys eat it up like pussies. See Mickey and Rory. Captain Jack is the only strong male character we've seen, and this is likely due to his general lack of interest in women.

Having a female Doctor would just cement everything I hate about the gender politics in New Who. No doubt she'd be sexually aggressive in a way that any guy would be considered a rapist by society for behaving.

I look at River Song, and I see exactly how a female Doctor would be written. Fuck, fuck, fuck no. I bet a female Dotor would be able to slap the male companion with total impunity.
Yep, that's how New Who (and probably modern TV culture in general) views how women ought to be. Remember in The Eleventh Hour when Rory was like "Aren't you going to turn around?" to Amy while the Doctor was changing his clothes and she said "Och aye, nooo! Ahm takin' a wee look at his winkie!" If the gender roles were reversed there'd be big complaints, but instead we were clearly meant to think "What a sassy likeable female character!" River Song was exactly the same character. Clara probably would have been if she'd been given a whole personality.

Oh yeah, that's definitely a double-standard - if the genders had been reversed, people would have called the peeping male "a creep" and "a potential rapist". Though there was kinda a comparable scene with reversed-genders in the new Star Trek movie, with Carol Marcus changing in front of Kirk, and I don't know if there were a lot of complaints about Kirk being a creep - but it wouldn't surprise me if there were. Another possible double standard is all the complaints about the near-nudity in that scene - when male characters in the nuTrek movies have been near-naked, and there were no complaints.

But there are double-standards and twisted standards in the media and popular culture that effect both sexes. In fact, the complaints about the Carol Marcus scene in Trek, but not about any of the half-naked male scenes, may be a bit of a double standard...but the fact that Hollywood thinks that all female main characters have to be "sexy", and look good in their skivvies, is a bit of a sexist and unfair standard to hold women too. Hell, that whole scene in Into Darkness was a bit...gratuitous...and was obviously put there to titillate, appeal to and attract the young male audience.

I don't think you can say that the media and popular culture have been more or less fair to one sex than they have been to the other sex.

ANYWAY, I'd be cool with a female Doctor...if just to see the part of the fanbase that includes people like DalekJim and all the others that just can't STAND the idea of a female Doctor go ballistic. All those people who swear LOUDLY that they will "NEVER WATCH DOCTOR WHO AGAIN IF THE DOCTOR BECOMES FEMALE!!!" - good riddance to 'em!

Seriously, what's wrong with a female Doctor. It would probably be only for one regeneration anyway. And if it didn't work out - well, it's Doctor Who, they can just regenerate the actress back out of the part.

It just seems like a...childish and immature detail to complain about.
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