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Re: Strategic Designs/Cydonia 6 Ink: Any Progress?


I know, everyone's been waiting very patiently for an update.

After I released the Intrepid and Defiant in April of last year I started working at Zoic on Once Upon A Time/Wonderland/Falling Skies and boy does it take up your days! My last 3 pay periods (2 weeks per) were 150 hrs for each one. That means working right through the weekends too. I've had absolutely no time to do the work I've been wanting to do to update the prints. I'm not complaining about being overworked as there are a lot of people out of work and am grateful that I'm employed right now.
I'm about 80% done with Oberth and about 20% through refit and TOS Enterprise. Understand that I'm updating them as I've explained on the website and that owners of both the SD and C6 prints will attest, there are changes, not just reprints.

So, yes, I haven't forgotten about them and am still actively working on them now that I have more personal time. I'm not going to close the site and disappear on you guys. I know that quality blueprints/deck plans are highly valued by people like us. It's a hobby that I can only do in my off time. The day job has to come first. but it's also something that keeps me motivated and have the most enjoyment doing.

I hope that answers your question.

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