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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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I can't think of a moment where the Doctor didn't have it coming.
Wow. Well uh, we have very different attitudes towards what behaviour deserves physical violence as a response.
You're taking this way too seriously. It's a tv show, not the next door neighbors. People get away with all sorts of things on tv that they don't get away with in real life. People should be smart enough to know that they shouldn't emulate what they see on tv. I'm not going to start blaming entertainment for problems in the real world, and I'm not going to strip down entertainment because of it. If I see it in a comedic moment on tv, I laugh. If I see someone abusing someone in front of me on the street, I call the cops. It's that simple. I'm not confusing one with the other.
"Fear me. I've killed hundreds of Time Lords."

"Fear me. I've killed all of them."
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