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Re: Music Cues Copyright Infringement Avoidance?

An example of our crazy lives:

So, a while back, the Mystery Science 3000 guys (who continue to run a business where you can buy their funny snarky commentaries for new productions) began selling their commentaries for some of our episodes. (We're actually flattered they would do their commentaries for our episodes.) But we actually work hard making sure that we don't earn a cent from our efforts, and now all of a sudden, they are selling our episodes with their commentary attached.

After some initial acrimony, they understood the dynamics. So they began selling just their commentary on our episodes, rather than the full episodes themselves with their commentary attached--which is actually what they do with all the other commentaries they release. (They thought that since ours were "free" anyway, they could just include it along with their commentary--unlike all their other offerings.) Their website now says:

"Like all other RiffTrax, you are only purchasing the audio commentary; the video must be downloaded separately! You can download the video to sync with your mp3 file at (Scroll down to the "World Enough And Time" section and download the file of your choice.)"

You can buy their commentary on "World Enough and Time" here:

or get "To Serve All My Days" here:

But please watch the episodes without their silly commentary at least once.)

Anyway, the point is, we work hard to make sure we don't make a cent from our efforts, and, in order to keep CBS happy, we now have to work hard to make sure others don't make a cent from our efforts.

But, yes, we're aware that CBS might shut us down at anytime--even because of the actions of folks whom we have nothing to do with.
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