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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

I've recently re-read the first 16 issues (plus the Search for Spock adaptation, which comes right in the middle, between #8 & #9.)

The art sometimes looks rushed and slapdash, except for the Search adaptation, which is truly beautiful. Mike Barr's scripts can be all over the map; when reading a bunch together, it seems pretty clear he didn't always have the end game mapped out when he started a story arc (or else he was doing some of the best fake-outs ever.)

Despite the flaws, I really love these stories. They have a vigor and an electricity that no Star Trek comic before or since has surpassed. This series was the reason I first started visiting a comic book store. And I have to say I think it holds up really, really well.

The series declined in quality following #16, when Mike Barr stepped away and a succession of writers took over the title for a few years before Peter David got the regular gig. Some worked for me (Diane Duane) some didn't (Mike Carlin.) Peter David was doing amazing stuff for the last year or so before the end, but just as things were getting awesome again, the plug was pulled.

Subsequent Trek comics have generally had more polished art and tighter continuity with the Canon, but have never been as much pure fun, IMHO.
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