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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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I started out liking it but got bored of not being able to save properly and every time I died having to start fresh with limited stuff.

Yes the save thing was a bit complex but once i figured out its not a fps and totally a survival horror game which you play to see how long you can go without lossing the charactor i begain to enjoy and understand it more.

It's not perfect by any means but i am enjoying it, and the game would be awesome with some coop, local or online, plus i love how they incorporate actual players dead charactors from around the world who can appear randomly in your game from where they died in their game with a nice back pack of goodies to pilfer.

Plus just waiting for need for speed to drop though the door.

And i typed this via the gamepad thing which is really quit good compared to the browsers on the ps3,Xbox,psvita.
Yeah, that is a nice feature of the game. I also liked how the focus was on survival, but it just got to me how much time was spent backtracking because I couldn't just undo a mistake.
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