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Re: One Year Gap (spoilers, kinda)

there had been a lot of victims in the 2009 movie too, a whole planet destroyed plus all the spaceships Nero destroyed. We never saw a scene where they were remembering those victims so couldn't Kirk be talking about ALL the victims, past and present? Also would they have Pike's (along with all the other victims) funeral one year after his death?
IDK but the explanation that Kirk could be talking about the battle of vulcan + recent events makes sense to me. Also the idea of him growing up as a captain in the last year.

Honestly the one year gap doesn't make so much sense to me. What the characters did in that year? Are we supposed to know, at all? It's just weird.

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The comics aren't 'canon' so they can say what they like. But one week after the movie is one week after Kirk sets out on the 5 year mission which is a year after 'The Vengeance' crashed into San Fran.

I don't think its Fan Wank to want to sort out the dates though, just to be obsessed about them. I prefer the term fanon which I learnt here.
they aren't canon but they're super-visioned and controlled by Orci who considers them sort of canon for this very reason.

The novelization by Alan Dean foster doesn't have this one year gab either and it's based on a draft of the script (though not all the scenes are accurate and there are some missing things but those can be explained with a) Alan making his own writing choices b) scenes that were in the most definitive draft that Alan didn't have c) scenes being put in the notes or alternate scenes)

I read some people over trekmovie asking the writers about this but either I missed it or Orci didn't answer.

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Indeed, since IDW seems to be unaware of a year's gap, perhaps they too were confused? Although, in their case, you'd think the script would be made available and the way the speech was written would make it clear what was meant to be said.
If not the script surely Orci would tell them about it.
The first comic has a scene with Robert April and one with the klingons talking about Kirk and it's pretty obvious from the way the events are depicted that there isn't a one year gab from a to b. Weeks, months? acceptavble but one whole year without nothing happening in the mean time and things beings still the same? not believable to me.
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