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Re: STAR TREK: a series treatment starring APRIL and COLT

I read most of your "pitch"... Questions have been raised...

You keep mentioning "terms." Do you mean seasons?

Why would CBS want to shoot in Michigan? It would probably cost them more to set up production there for an ongoing TV series. Also, assuming you can do everything you say you can here, and the actors would really want to do this, why would Felicia Day and Stephen Fry want to move to Michigan for long periods of time to shoot?

Why do the timelines need to be rectified? I'm not entirely sure I get the need. As others have said, the timelines stand apart on their own. The point of the new films is to get away from 40 years of continuity to tell new stories. Paramount and CBS would likely have no interest in any connection to the old timeline as it has proven to be unprofitable in airing a new TV series.

Why a comedy? For that matter, where's the funny? I see very little that makes me laugh in the characters or brief synopses you've listed.

These are just the tip of the iceberg here of questions I could ask. Overall, it's a nugget of an idea and needs to be fleshed out considerably before anyone would take it seriously. Not trying to be mean, but back to the drawing board...
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