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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

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Dark matter being a sentient omnipotent being and all.
To paraphrase someone smarter than myself:
And you don't see the problem with your statement?
I do, actually. That's the whole point.

In this context, comparing a bunch of particles that pretty much stand there doing nothing to something that's got a brain complex enough to more or less imagine and process the entire universe...
That would be to imply positive qualities to the thing you're searching for -- recognizable brain processes -- which makes the premise falsifiable (data suggests the absence of said processes).

"Dark matter" doesn't have this feature. It's a placeholder for some as yet undiscovered particle/substance/material that is defined less by what it is than by what it isn't.

On the scale of thing, particles are the second most trivial and meaningless after fundamental forces, while deities are more complex and momentous than anything there is.
I don't see how. The properties of both deities and elementary particles are a subject of intense debate by learned academics with advanced degrees and impressive credentials standing on the shoulders of intellectuals who have been having similar debates for decades-going-on-centuries. As far as I can tell, the only difference between God and the God Particle is one of those things is unlikely to exist.
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