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Re: Music Cues Copyright Infringement Avoidance?

plynch wrote: View Post
One of the great things about "Pilgrim of Eternity" is the appropriate use of original music cues.

Trek music copyrights, being works for hire, would be owned by the studio and now owned by whatever behemoth owns TV Trek. Sony, I think.

Does anyone know how Farragut Films isn't in potential copyright hot water for using the music cues? Did they get permission rights? There would be publishing and performing rights involved, I think. It is different from taking an intellectual property (the concept of Kirk) and recasting him as the studio seems content to let fan productions do.

Just curious.
The music cues are not, in fact different from the intellectual property. CBS Consumer Products has been generous enough to let fans use their musical cues for all the same reasons that fans can use the rest of their intellectual property. But they don't want to stand to lose money by your use of their music. We don't secure (pay for licensing) rights to any aspect of their property--music included. We don't have to figure out what CBS Consumer Products' "cut" should be as long as the revenue is $0.00.

It's not like they say "You can use our Kirk character and our Spock character and our Enterprise and our prop designs and our costume designs and our set designs and our font style and our old actors and even our name Star Trek, but using our musical cues is just crossing a line."
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