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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

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Now I gotta check out Phase II. Anyone recommend the best ep of theirs to start with?
I've watched a few so far.

It's been awhile since I saw Starship Exeter Episode 1, but I recall thinking that while I could quibble about some things I was taken by their overall enthusiasm. I also quite liked the Captain Garrovick and Science Officer Harris characters. Starship Exeterhas an advantage in that by having original characters they can somewhat sidestep being compared directly with TOS' original cast. I thought Episode 2 was a better effort overall, but alas that episode isn't complete with the fourth act still missing.

Not long ago I watched The New Voyages' "In Harm's Way." I can only say that I thought it didn't really work for me. The cast weren't convincing enough for me and the story was just too...contrived. It struck me as something I might have seen in a Marvel or DC issue or fanfic.

Last night I watched "To Serve All My Days." I don't want to say too much for fear of letting out spoilers for those who haven't seen it. I thought it was much better overall than "In Harm's Way" with a fresher story. The cast performed better all around, but I still don't find them convincing enough, enough that I could imagine the original cast saying the lines. The post production f/x and scenes do tend to distract me because they look to have more in common with TOS-R rather than TOS. I thought the Federation Ambassador was good, but the stand out performances were from Chekov, both of them. It goes without saying Walter Koenig still has his acting chops portraying the older Chekov, but what also impressed me was the guy portraying the young Chekov---I thought he was great and very convincing.

I've also watched "Center Seat" and "No Win Scenario" which are really vignettes. They didn't work for me.

I've yet to see further TNV/PHII episodes, but I do plan on watching them. I'm particularly curious about "Blood and Fire" since I recently read David Gerrold's original novel which is set in his Star Wolf universe.
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