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Re: Why did Spock show emotion around Pike?

Spock as a hybrid: hmm. The suppression of emotion is a cultural thing on Vulcan, a practice learned over time (see the kids in "Yesteryear" and Trek '09). So being half-Vulcan would not biologically make him less prone to emotion. If anything, with what they say about their planet's past, they are, in their genes, MORE "barbaric" (read impulsive/emotional) than Terrans. So being half-biologically Vulcan doesn't should not naturally produce a more stoic being.

2. Unrelated . . .
So: In 1964 GR writes his main female character without a personal name, referring to her with a numerical code that implies superiority. She is all cold and unfeeling. THEN he marries the actress he hired to portray her and casts her as nurse: the nurturing, mothering profession of all time -- and gives her a religious name. Then writes her a part as a domineering mother (stereotypical mother-in-law) twenty years later; and uses her as the voice of ultra-reason and intelligence, the computer.

Dude needed the analyst's couch more than the casting couch he is said to have used.
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