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Voyager already had metaphasic shielding which protected them from the temporal incursions. That was the whole reason the Krenim time ship came after them. It was the chronoton torpedoes that they had to develop a defense for, which they did when Seven determined the exact modulation of the torpedo stuck in the hull. Neither Voyager nor the Krenim ever switched time lines until they were both destroyed and everything reset.
Way off.

We saw people dissolve on Voager's bridge.

TUVOK: Captain, the Krenim warship is in pursuit, but their weapons are not powered.
JANEWAY: They don't know what to do with us now that we're shielded against their torpedoes.
KIM: Captain, there's some kind of spatial distortion heading toward us. Sensor readings are erratic. I can't identify the phenomenon.
CHAKOTAY: What's the source?
KIM: Unknown, but it originated approximately twenty light years from our position. It looks like a shock wave in the fabric of space-time.
JANEWAY: Tom, get us out of here.
PARIS: We'll never outrun it, Captain.
JANEWAY: Maybe our new shields will help. All hands, brace for impact!
TUVOK: You were correct, Captain. The temporal shielding has protected us. The wave front has passed.
KIM: Captain.
KIM: It's definitely a Krenim ship. Identical hull markings, same bio-spectral frequency, but it's half the size. Limited fire power.
JANEWAY: What happened to the warship?
PARIS: I'm not picking it up on long range sensors.
CHAKOTAY: It looks like this entire part of space has changed somehow. The last time I checked this region was filled with Krenim colonies and vessels. I just ran a scan and sensors show no colonies and just a handful of Krenim ships.
JANEWAY: Harry, transfer all your sensor data about that shock wave to the Astrometrics lab.
KIM: Yes, ma'am.
JANEWAY: Tell Seven of Nine to meet me there.
CHAKOTAY: Captain, Astrometrics took heavy damage a few days go. It's offline.
JANEWAY: Well, let's get it back online. It appears that the Krenim Imperium has vanished. Our troubles could be over and I'd like to find out why.

[Krenim Timeship - Bridge]

OBRIST: Something went wrong. The entire Krenim Imperium. It's reverted to a pre-warp state.
ANNORAX: Not possible. Our calculations were perfect.
OBRIST: I may have an explanation. There's an anomalous temporal reading twenty light years from here. It's coming from a vessel.
ANNORAX: What vessel?
OBRIST: Component zero four nine beta, a ship called Voyager.
ANNORAX: That ship was classified as an inert component. It shouldn't be generating a temporal field.
OBRIST: But it is, and it was enough to throw off our calculations.
ANNORAX: Take me to them.
"New" shields.

Google search says the word "metaphasic" is not used in the episode.

Metaphasic shields let you park inside suns.

By the time Voyager got into use, metaphasic shields were probably just called "shields".
Thank you; I stand corrected. Apparently I don't remember that episode as well as I thought I did. LOL. Time for a re-watch.
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