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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

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I never thought for a second that the blonde annoying neighbor was Allison's monitor. She was so convinced that it was I knew it was a red herring and it was going to be the husband all along.
I don't understand why they even tried to make us think she was. We saw her husband burning the original contents of his safety box while making an ominous phone call about both it and Allison finding out. There was no question as to who her watcher was from the audience's point of view due to that single scene.

I'm extremely disappointed that Helena was killed off (yes I realize that may not be the case, but for now I will assume she is) as she was my favorite Tatiana character besides Sarah.
Why are you assuming she is? They already pretty much told us that these clones have some very special abilities, as evident in Kira's miraculous recovery -- and she's only "half-clone." What's more, every time a clone has suffered an external physical injury that didn't result in death, they've been shown to recover from it pretty quickly even if it didn't register to them. Helena getting stabbed in the gut, for example. Hell, just take a look at Sarah's face in this episode after her final encounter with Helena. By the time she's at the window crying out for Kira, most of the bruising is gone and I could only just barely see the cut on her lip. And that was just in a matter of hours, tops.

I'm curious about why the project was named Leda. Seems an odd choice, as all I remember of Leda from mythology is that she was raped by Zeus on the same night she had sex with a king, and no one knew which of her children (one of whom was named Helen, coincidentally) were mortal or divine. I'm thinking that has to play into the story somehow.
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