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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

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But the only thing I care about is if its entertaining. I don't need it fit into some type of continuity to enjoy it.
Which is another point I agree with. New Voyages/Phase II's To Serve All My Days fits this category, for instance; the way in which it didn't fit into canon was in fact the thing I enjoyed most about it.
Right. Our sense (chiefly Dorothy Fontana's sense, since she wrote our "To Serve All My Days" script) was that the dramatic way the story resolved was far superior to adhering to a preconceived understanding of characters' futures.

We should start a poll: Is "To Serve All My Days" good enough?

In fact, let's generate a similar poll for each and every fan effort as it gets released so people vote on whether it's "good enough."
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