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Re: Marvel's Avengers Assemble animated series discussion

It was *alright* I dunno - honestly I wasn't super-impressed by Avengers: EMH when it first came out. I'll bet if we go through the forum archives and look at the comments for the first batch of "micro episodes" they released in dribbles online - I'll bet people were saying the same thing. And I do recall people not liking A:EMH early on too.

And then it came into its own and people now are using it as the bar that set the standard.

The story was a bit... it wasn't the greatest. It's still pretty 'kid' focused. I do hope they'll take a few pages out of EMH's book and adapt comics storylines. Even if its more modern stuff. I'd kinda love to see a Civil War storyline adapted into the cartoon.

The 'Aveng-Jet Prime' thing at the end though... that was kinda cheesy. So what? They have a transforming 'headquarters'... ?

But we'll see how it goes. Honestly I don't mind Ult. Spider-Man - I guess we do have to remember WHY these shows are on as cartoons, they're not mainly on for us 'older' fans, they're on for kids. If they appeal to us as adults and adapt stories we enjoy hey that's gravy.

Although that said, I would love to actually see a tv based series or even a direct to dvd series that essentially animated classic stories and were made basically for an older audience. More akin to some of the DC Comics movies - where they'll essentially adapt one story. But I'd like to see a whole actual continuity based series, can still tie into the movies and such, but IS written for adults and maybe not so G rated.
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