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Re: Do Spock & Saavik have any children?

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This is the first I've heard of that. Did you read that from an interview with Meyer or something? (Probably denying the widely held rumor / belief that Roddenberry was responsible for the change.)
Numerous print interviews ("Starlog", etc). Roddenberry had suggested not using Saavik because the character was "beloved by fans" and Meyer countered that Roddenberry hadn't wanted Saavik - a Meyer addition - in ST II in the first place.

I believe it may also be on the director's commentary on the DVD.

There was a quite recent online interview where Meyer regrets treating the ailing Roddenberry so poorly during the making of ST VI.

It at least explains why this one objection of Roddenberry's would have been listened to - he gave pages of notes on each movie that were ignored, didn't he?
Yes, but had Kim Cattrall agreed to play Saavik, the character name change wouldn't have happened. Contractually, as Creative Consultant, GR had to be given the opportunity to write memos on every draft script - and he did - but no one had to listen to him.

Knowing Roddenberry, he might've taken credit for the change at some point which is where that rumor came from in the first place.
He was incredibly ill at the time. Wheelchair bound from several strokes. He died not long after viewing the ST VI work print. Shatner's book has him racing back to his home office and making angry phone calls, but in reality he went straight to hospital and never returned. Ernie Over, Gene's carer, told me his only comment on ST VI was something like: "The fans will probably love it."
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