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Re: Abrams chronology and canon questions

JD wrote: View Post
Maybe this is one of the many changes brought about by the destruction of the Kelvin. I could see Starfleet exploring farther, and faster after the destruction of the Kelvin, and run into the Bajorans earlier.
Except we're talking about a civilian here. As stated, there's nothing precluding civilians from exploring too and maybe getting to a particular region of space before Starfleet manages to (since space is so darn big).

Charles Phipps wrote: View Post
Also, is she Bajoran? Are the Bajorans the only wrinkle-nose aliens?
There are a few other races with similar nose-bridge features, like Ornarans, Brekkians, and Tandarans. But Mudd's particular nose ridges did look more Bajoran than anything else.

Sto-Vo-Kory wrote: View Post
An adult-ish daughter does seem unlikely but maybe Bajor's sun hyper-ages children with human DNA (like it did to Molly O'Brien when she was brought to DS9)...
Actually Molly's accelerated aging happened while she was still on the Enterprise. Hana Hatae debuted in the role in TNG: "Rascals," at a point when Molly should've been just over a year old but was suddenly old enough to form complete sentences. (The actress herself was 4 at the time, though Molly was said to be 3 in DS9: "The Nagus" later that same season.)
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