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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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Idris Elba would be a perfect doctor. Besides, white people are now a minority in London, so there's most likely other cities and towns with less white people than other races. So a black doctor would be a good move as it connects with children of different ethnics.

Besides I don't want Elba as the doctor just because he's black, I want him as the doctor because I think he'd do a good job.
I'm a big fan of Elba, think he is a fantastic actor, but what examples of his work would you use to exemplify his suitability to the role of the Doctor?

I just really don't see why the obsession with him in particular.w
Luthor. He'd be similar to Eccleston's Doctor. Yes Doctor Who is a family sci-fi show and Luthor is an adult detective show, but just because he's not been in something like Dr. Who does not meant he can't play the role.
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I would LOVE to see Alexander Siddig take a crack at the role, too.
That would be fucking incredible.

I don't want Idris Elba. I want an idiosyncratic, eccentric, off-beat performer. The Doctor shouldn't be played by a traditional TV leading man we see all the time. My ideal choice would be the bloke that plays Varys in Game of Thrones as a darker, manipulative, yet funny Doctor in the vein of the Seventh.

My only condition is that the next Doctor HAS to be older.
But the doctor has always been an eccentric character. Second Doctor: a clown like almost childish doctor whom dressed like a tramp. Seems a bit eccentric to me. Third Doctor: A middle aged man who wears silk and cloths that make Elton John look just a little bit more normal. If that's not eccentric, I don't know what is. Fourth Doctor: A grown man who carries a bad of jelly babies with him and wears a giant scarf while acting like a child a lot of the time. Eccentric to you? Fifth Doctor: A young man wearing a Edwardian cricketing outfit. Seems just a little eccentric you agree? Sixth Doctor: Do I really need to explain? A man who made rag dolls look like Victorian gentlemen. Seventh Doctor: A man with question marks all over a jumper and an umbrella with a question ark insignia on top of it. That's eccentric for sure. Eighth Doctor: a polite young man with an Edwardian gentlemen's outfit on. Eccentric to you, or do you see loads of people wondering around in that get up? Ninth Doctor: Yeah, a little eccentric. Tenth Doctor: Very dramatic and eccentric, which I love. Eleventh Doctor: Very eccentric. Bow ties, fish custard, fezzes, other headgear, and most likely the most childish doctor ever.

So the majority of the doctors if not all of them had at least a little bit of an eccentric side to them.
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