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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

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Well sorry if I've wasted anyone's time by bringing juvenile ideas into this scholarly setting. Next time I have a half-baked hypothesis, I'll post it in the nether reaches of some science fiction show forum.
Don't ever let people stop you. Unless you have a gun and they say "Don't shoot!", or you're on a ledge and they say "Don't jump!", that's where you need to stop.

But if you think you're onto something there, then seriously, do something with it.

The established image of the world and the universe has been shaken so many times, and so many times those who brought new revelations have been laughed at, they have been prosecuted, they have been forced into denying their observations.

The replies in this thread are essentially driven by the same attitude.

Seriously, people, why do you feel the need to be so condescending? Either encourage him to read up on the subject, or leave it. What's wrong with you guys?

Especially in the extremely open field that is currently filled with mysterious "Dark Matter", which is the proper scientific term for "We don't really know jack shit what the fuck is going on here."

So go work on that theory if you're really after it, and present it to a couple of physicists, etc... the whole condescending attitude of "You don't even have a degree, you don't know shit." is sickening. You don't even have to prove it yourself, it's enough if you talk to others who are deep into the subject and inspire them to look at it themselves. Inspiration for new ideas doesn't need a degree. If then others who have a degree prove that the idea is wrong, nothing is lost. If they go "Uh, uhm, we never thought about that" and prove that it's right... hello there!
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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