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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I'm so glad to see this discussion. I felt much like the earlier poster that STID was a better film but I left the theatre feeling a little cold because the Spock/Uhura relationship seemed to have distanced itself. But after the wonderful chat on this thread. I'll be seeing it tonight in 3D in a new light. I'll be checking for hand holding and whatnot.
How are you feeling now about the S/U scenes now @Hembie? (I've bolded and underlined that sentence in your original post as this was exactly how I felt after my 1st viewing) have you had a chance to see the movie more than once or in 3D as you wished? Were you able to see the hand-holding in 3D because we don't have the movie in IMAX in my area and I wasnt able to see it in 3D as I planned earlier.
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