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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

I am flabbergasted, really. I have re-read my original post several times and (just as I did before I posted it) and I cannot see how I could have explained my question more clearly.

We already know what is considered "official" Star Trek, that which has been broadcast on television or screened on film. That isn't in dispute. Knowing that there are films, particular episodes and even whole series individual fans privately ignore for whatever reason because in their opinion it doesn't fit into their view of Trek, their sense of what Trek's continuity should be like.

On the flip side nothing outside of television or film is considered "official" Star Trek, and that includes published novels, comics, fan fiction, games and fan films. Yet with that said individuals can often accept a non-recognized work as fitting in with their own personal sense of continuity.

For examples. Someone might think the Eugenics Wars books sufficiently explains in what they feel is a plausible way the early history of Khan and they accept it as how things likely happened during this period of Trek's history. Someone might accept Marvel Comics' Early Voyages comics as the depiction of Pike's early days aboard the Enterprise. They can accept them as "that's what happened" even though the works are not recognized by Paramount or CBS. And those are but two examples.

Another example. ENT is recognized as official Trek and yet I (as an individual) wholly disregard the series in its entirety because I don't feel it fits as the likely prehistory of TOS. It is a personal choice based on a personal opinion. My opinion doesn't carry any weight anywhere or with anyone except with me and that's all that needs to matter. Some people disregard TAS simply because it's animated rather than live-action.

Which, of course, now brings me to the question I've been pondering. I really like the STC episode "Pilgrim of Eternity." For the most part it feels quite authentic (in my opinion). And so I'm wondering:

A) I really like it and sufficiently enough that (even knowing it will never be officially recognized) I can accept it as a genuine episode in TOS' continuity and the Enterprise's 5-year mission, or

B) I like it, but it I don't feel it fits with TOS' continuity and I can only accept something in continuity if it's officially recognized, or

C) I don't how I feel about it.

The question isn't asking what is. It's asking your opinion.
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