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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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@seven14 Thanks for the wonderful video. I feel better about them now. I started to wonder why I haven't seen them do anything like that for America, but then I figure the Triumvirate Lobby blocked it. Thank God for the U.K.
You're very welcome Spock/Uhura Fan!!

Zachary is very warm and he always seems to put both Chris and Zoe in a more fun and calm mood ( I think in real life they are all quite reserved but Zachary seems to have a more naturally relaxed attitude towards press then Chris & Zoe.)

If I hadn't seen any of the photos of Zach/Zoe at the Berlin/London premieres and photo-calls and this JR interview in particular then I definitely would have come out of the movie more sadder than I actually did and I was very very low when I came out of STID the 1st time around. It's only actually after I came to this thread and was told that there are things I couldn't see in 2D that I began to feel better about my wonderful Spock and Uhura.

Now Malaika has provided us with these comics, pictures, and that beautiful gif I really can't wait until the DVD comes out.

I do still firmly feel though that Spock and Uhura have been together for long enough and have been in a sexual relationship that Spock as half Vulcan and more importantly raised and educated as VULCAN would know exactly why Uhura was so upset and he wouldn't have let it get to the point where she was reduced to not speaking to him. The look he gives her when she comes out of the turbo lift of pure confusion (to me) was just so wrong. It worked for me for the joke with Kirk but it was just wrong for Uhura and Spock.

Once again this is why I think a domestic scene (they are the resident long-term couple after-all) with Spock & Uhura was what was needed in this movie. The scene - Uhura was pissed when they got back to her quarters---she didn't want to talk about it---Spock wanted her to be open about her feelings---concerned something was upsetting her (he knows but he is stubbornly thinking his actions were right) she relents and begins to speak---he interrupts---she blows up---he tells her she doesn't understand---then they leave it like that and hence we have the no speaking---then after the beautiful speech in the shuttle they are back on board---they get back to quarters to change ---she stops by his to tell him she understands and he asks if they can mind meld--something I think they have done a few times in the past...she agrees and he lets her see what he saw or lets her feel how he was feeling and they share that amazing kiss and they HUG---end scene.

In movie terms this would not have taken that many minutes once a skilled writer wrote it up and a skilled editor edited it down to size LOL but it's not my movie and it's not my script so I have to get my kicks from my head-canon and from fan fiction
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