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Re: Do Spock & Saavik have any children?

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when Robin Curtis was unavailable
Actually, Nick Meyer pursued Kirstie Alley for ST VI. He didn't care for Robin Curtis's portrayal in ST III and ST IV and never approached her agent, which saddened Robin Curtis when she eventiually learned that her character had been in the ST VI script.

Which made Valeris's betrayal shocking to me, as I was essentially imagining her as a proxy Saavik when it finally came out.
"Cinefantastique" had nasty, spoilery captions. Damn them! I'd chosen not to read the "making of" article, but only the captions - which must have been added at the last minute, after the journalists had viewed the movie.

Later on I read that early drafts of the script had that character as Saavik but they changed it to Valeris because Roddenberry objected to making Saavik a traitor.
No way was Nick Meyer going to listen to Roddenberry's suggestion, and he's reiterated that before. He only changed the character because Kim Cattrall didn't want to be the third actress in the role, and she'd been his personal first choice for Saavik in ST II.

Imagine how shocking it would have been if they had went for it and made Saavik the villain!
Totally agree. I'd have hated it, but would have loved the bravery/surprise of the choice.

I knew Valeris was the traitor. It felt telegraphed all the way through the movie - but I'm not good at whodunnits so, if I hadn't been spoiled by "Cinefantastique", I would have been caught on the hop!
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