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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

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That is a bit like theorizing the existence of God based existence of the Bible, based purely on the assumption that only God could have written it (because the Bible says so).
Dark matter being a sentient omnipotent being and all.
To paraphrase someone smarter than myself:
And you don't see the problem with your statement?

In this context, comparing a bunch of particles that pretty much stand there doing nothing to something that's got a brain complex enough to more or less imagine and process the entire universe, that is probably the second most disproportional comparison that you can ever make. On the scale of thing, particles are the second most trivial and meaningless after fundamental forces, while deities are more complex and momentous than anything there is. To make a taste analogy, it is like wondering why a teenager would find it unsavoury to lick the inside of an exhaust pipe when she has no problem eating ice cream.
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