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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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If JJPrise can travel 90 light years in 12 hours isn't that a corridor of 20,000,000,000 km per second? That's huge!
But also very very skinny: the corridor may be 20 billion kilometers long, but it's only about five hundred meters wide. Anything that wanders into that corridor is going to get pushed out of the way by the navigational deflector.

More to the point, we don't really understand the interaction between the warp field and other objects in space. Again, we've seen ships go to warp in an atmosphere and in fogbank nebulas without really disturbing the local environment, and in the last movie we saw Enterprise drop out of warp in Titan's atmosphere. The warp field clearly causes some effect, but it seems to be that it merely allows things within that field -- starships, for example -- to obey modified laws of physics and move through space much easier than they would if they were outside of the field (and this probably applies to the deflector as well; most of those asteroids and subatomic particles wouldn't be so easy to push out of the way if they weren't inside the ship's warp field).

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So I guess the only real difference between you and me is that you never played Halo.
It's true! I prefer games with hobbits and/or Homer Simpson.
Then you're missing out. Alot of very innovative science fiction is being manifest in video games these days. Actually, I've been saying for a while no that Star Trek is showing more and more influence from Mass Effect. Hell, the site of the Klingon gunfight in STID bears an uncanny resemblance to Wrex's throne room on Tuchanka (and I'm not just saying that because Gatatog Uvenk was voiced by Michael Dorn). Not to mention, the skyline of Ketha Province looks EXACTLY like the aerial view of Feros.
Yes, I suppose I've always viewed bending space-time as having a similar effect to gravity bending space time, with the ultimate being the creation a singularity that creates an Einstein-Rosenberg bridge - i.e. a wormhole or subspace corridor. A singularity is tiny but its gravitational effect is significant as we saw in the last movie. As a consequence, I've never really bought things like warping into orbit around a planet as being safe because compressed space time will have a nasty effect. The writers and special effects people just tke the 'a wizard did it' perspective - lol.

I just can't find the time to play games these days - too much time spent on Dungeons & Dragons with real people, plus custojm action figures and painting a Polar Lights Enterprise. I also went a bit mad and created a Youtube comic crossing Star Trek with Babylon 5 and Alien (among others) - on the last part of the second story now! Why not do Halo too? If you've got any screenshots let me have them! The main problem I've encountered is that there were just no action shots in TMP so it has been a challenge to put in any action at all. So if anybody also has any screen shots from Star Trek Online of officers in TMP uniforms, let me have them please! I tried playing that game too to get my own pics but I never got past the intro - lol.
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