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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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Was chatting with a chap at my bookclub meeting yesterday. We bemoaned the downturn in the quality of recent Who, and he had an interesting take: that they are trying way too hard to appeal to the US market, to rake in even more dollars. The show has definitely changed, there's something missing. And if this is correct, they won't change the Doctor from being a white male, not wanting to rock the boat.
The current trend in what appeals to the American scripted TV audience is quality character-driven writing. Plot-driven still has its place in procedurals, but even they are much more character-focused than even a decade ago.

The downturn in quality(or rather, inconsistence) is due to a distracted showrunner who has been recycling his favorite tropes for most of his tenure and feels that plots can be resolved with the dramatic equivalent of technobabble.
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