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Re: Favourite bridge and interiors

Favorite bridge:
1. Enterprise E (with some post-Nemesis alterations)
2. Enterprise TOS

Favorite corridors:
Enterprise-E for curved corridors.
Voyager-style for straight corridors.

Favorite engine room:
1. Enterprise-E (upgrade the neon with LED arrays)
2. Voyager

Favorite sickbay:
1. Enterprise-E/Voyager (same set) Expand it to the TOS floorplan
2. TOS Enterprise

Favorite ready room:
1. Voyager (due to size, needs a makeover)
2. Enterprise E

Favorite conference room:
1. The Enterprise-E's from Star Trek X
2. Enterprise D (again, same set, but redone for the E)

Favorite living quarters:
1. Enterprise E (a Voyager makeover)
2. Enterprise D

Favorite Captain's chair:
1. TOS Enterprise (it's the first)
2. Enterprise E (without seat belts)

I'd like to see the Enterprise-E bridge upgraded to today's tech with touchscreen LED panels that work. And the CON and OPS stations joined together into one unit like the TOS one. Put the Captain's ready room on the port side (where it should be). And put a standby bridge officers room with a proper stairway going down on the starboard side.
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