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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

Or maybe Jeri gained the show 2 million new fans in season 4 as 3 million old fans left... Or did all 5 million Kes loving loyalist march out in disgust, as 4 million Borgophiles started setting up camp?

It's not clear, means that we don't know the ratio of how many new people turned up for Scorpion, as the old fans were abandoning the series, but since the over all numbers were going down, the more fanboys and fangirls who were only in it for Seven, who only started watching Voyager for Seven, it's a mathematical truth that an even greater number of couch potatoes were abandoning Star Trek.

And then there's converts. Frakkers who would have left, but chose to stay because of Seven... And what about the 2 guys that left because they hated Jeri Ryan?
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