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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antares, cargo ship destroyed by Charlie Evans.
B is for Benecia. A colony planet named after a small town in California.
C is for Christine. Obriens pet tarantula.
D is for Deanna Troi.
E is for Earther, a Klingon term frequently used to refer to humans during the 23rd century.
F is for the Founders. Long may they show mercy to us filthy solids.
G is for Grey. Quite a few Starfleet service uniforms of the 2271-2277 time period in the Prime reality were this color.
H is for Holo-porn-addiction.
I is for Intrepid-class starship
J is for Jupiter, the fifth planet in the Sol star system and Sector 001.
K is for Klingon bastards. I've never trusted them and I never will.
L is for the Legarans. Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan spent 93 years negotiating an historic treaty with them.
M is for Mardah, the dabo girl who dated Jake Sisko.
N is for Neutral Zone
O is for Organ Thieves, another way to describe the Vidiians of the Delta Quadrant.
P is for Psi 2000.
Q is for quadrant. As in one quarter of something. A definition that most Trek writers aren't familiar with.
R is for refit Enterprise in TMP.
Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son-of-a-bitch in space.
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