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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Yes, it must be so fun to see what wikipedia calls a romantic comedy-drama, without dialog.
IIRC, I once read a comics pro who said (and he might've been referring to art submissions) that if an artist couldn't tell a story using ONLY pictures, then that person did not have what it took to be a comic artist. Film, like comics, is a VISUAL medium. You should be able to convey a story by nothing more than visuals. Sound is nothing more than an enhancement to the visuals. A film without sound is a silent movie. There is no such thing as a film without visuals. They call that "audio drama".

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What is a "romantic comedy-drama" even supposed to be?
You seriously can't be struggling with this.

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I'm assuming thats just a fancy way of saying "chick flick".
And you'd be wrong.


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A french made, silent, black and white romance movie is definately an artsy movie,
Nope. It wasn't an "artsy" movie and your belief that it was tells me your actual experience with "artsy" movies is severely limited. All too often you speak and make judgements based on what you "think" something is, rather than actually "knowing" what something is.

The Artist was a fun, engaging, streamlined movie that required the audience actually pay attention while watching. It was a refreshing change of pace from the same old crap. While the director and two main leads were French, most everyone else outside of Malcolm McDowell was American.

John Goodman, James Cromwell, Missi Pyle, Penelope Ann Miller, Ed Lauter, Joel Murray (brother of Bill).

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I may not have the most common tastes,
No, actually your tastes ARE quite common. You consider intelligent movies that break convention "snobbish" and you delude yourself into thinking that because you eschew pablum like "Transformers" while liking shallow sci-fi or super hero movies that you're above "what the masses like".

You're not.

You simply like a different brand of pablum. I've yet to see you like something that wasn't conventional or out of the ordinary. I see nothing more than the typical fanboy who wants to feel unique and out of the mainstream, but who rails against anything new and cannot brook taking an honest chance on something outside of a very small comfort zone. Hate to break it to you kid, sci-fi and super heroes are the mainstream these days. One need only look at the mountain of money made by both the Marvel films and Batman to get that.

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but I refuse to believe that the average guy went and saw the Artist, atleast of their own free will. There is no way its a movie for the average person.
The Artist had more repeat viewings by me at the theater than any other movie I've seen. I saw it at different theaters with a wild diversity of audiences....And there were plenty of "average guys" at all the shows. You assume that because YOU aren't willing to try new things with an open mind that most people won't either. One of the amazing things about The Artist was watching the amount of people surprised at how much they enjoyed it.

Some had no idea going in that it was a silent movie and they still enjoyed it. I saw reactions from the audience months after the movie had been in the theaters that are usually reserved for opening day audiences for most movies. Especially the big scene near the end....a scene that simply could not have worked in a sound movie.

Your problem is that you place more value on thinking about things and patting yourself on the back for conclusions reached based on faulty or limited data instead of getting out there and experiencing things with an honest and open mind. From where I stand, you're about as common and mainstream as it gets.

But getting back on topic of Man Of Steel.....we get that you don't want to like the movie, and that you're looking for any reason to hate on it. We got it. At this point your posts on this subject have all the unpredictability and excitement of a straight line. I'd like to think that somewhere on this board is a subject you're actually enthused about and I know we'd all prefer to see you discuss something you're actually excited about rather than continue bleating on about a movie you haven't seen.
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