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Re: Microsoft to restore the Start Button in Windows 8.1

I'm generally an Apple User, but I will say: I like Windows 7. I hate Windows 8.

Live tiles are stupid. Nobody likes them. They seem cool for a few seconds when you watch the commercial but they're not. They're stupid and confusing and as useless as snapping a keyboard onto your Surface while dancing on a table, and they obfuscate the useful elements of Windows. Figuring out how to make a Surface do what I want is the science of randomly touching things and swiping in random directions until something useful happens. Then they have this classic desktop looking thing as a completely separate interface from 'Live tiles' that feels like working in a VM.

With Windows 8 and XBox One Microsoft's attitude is 'You'll buy this and you'll like it screw usability, have a complaint RELEASE THE HOUNDS'. Microsoft's new policy of 'Open contempt for our consumer base' isn't going to get them anywhere and having a start menu isn't going to fix the complete uselessness of the interface they're pretending everybody likes.
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