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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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I skimmed through this post but didn't find much.

Really? You claim as a source: IMDb Star Trek: Voyager (19952001) Trivia. These are contributions from the readers. And the woman's statement that you quote begrudgingly admits a rise in ratings for Ryan's first few episodes.

You keep repeating the self evident: the ratings went down until the show was cancelled. Do you think you are saying something profound? Of course they did: The show was cancelled. It certainly doesn't negate the fact that Jeri Ryan boosted Voyager's ratings when she entered the cast.

But to give the devil his due, if I had started from where you did, I couldn't have gotten much farther.
I already said that the IMDB quote is bullshit, the statistics quote is not and the New York times quote is not. And I have always said that Jeri's first episodes which had 17 cubes, 8472 and 4 months of intensive advertising between seaosn 3 and 4 did have the 60 percent bump Berman says it did, but then ratings fell, and fell and felling. The ratings went up for one story. That's a blip not a trend.
Then we're in agreement.

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Your steadfast point of view to this point is that the ratings didn't go down.
Not at all; I never said that.

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The only thing I have ever said is that the ratings went down, and the only thing you have ever said is that I can't prove that the ratings went down because the ratings don't reflect the ratings.
That was never my point. I never said that.

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And you have repeatedly called me an idiot for saying that the ratings went down....
From the first I said that the ratings going down was, of course, an incontrovertible fact. I was perplexed as to why you kept repeating it.

I had a professor who use to say, "we all use the same vocabulary but have different dictionaries."
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