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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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The Dark Man of Steel Rises just looks bad. Every clip makes it look worse.
That's the think that is what this movie is going to be...but you're wrong and your hatred of Nolan will not even allow you to see this movie more objectively.
But I don't see how what Kirk is doing is that much different from people here who appear to me to be preparing to "love on" the movie no matter what, simply because it isn't Superman Returns and because Chris Nolan is behind it. This reminds me of how people prepared (and did) "love on" Batman Begins simply because it wasn't Batman and Robin and because Chris Nolan was directing.

If the movie does suck, and I am hopeful that it won't, the question in my mind is; how many of you folks will be willing to say so, here -- especially with old Kirk55555 ready to bring the, "I told you so" cannons online?
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